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about_meikoHi, I’m Meiko, recent corporate America retiree turned full-time blogger. I was born in Kansas City, MO but was raised most of my life in San Diego, CA. My food reflects the comfort Midwest cooking with the flare and brightness of California cuisine.

I am the oldest of four girls (just imagine the fights over borrowing clothes).  With a single mother and tight purse strings, I inherently took on the role of home chef. I cooked for my sisters, they liked it. I cooked for my friends, they liked it. Then I began to cook for random strangers and when they liked it I knew I was on to something.  Eventually I was addicted, and like many people who take this path, I was infatuated with bringing people joy through my food.

Fast forward a few years and in 2011, I partnered with some really amazing friends to launch my first site Cookin With Meiko.  Under that project I had some incredible achievements developing a brand from the ground up, launching an interactive site, writing my first cook book, and receiving several opportunities to host on television. Shipping off to get my MBA from the Ross School of Business that same year, it was impossible to balance the needs of such an interactive business with that of my education. So I focused in on classes and after receiving my MBA I pursued a very promising career in corporate retail.


I worked tirelessly around the clock hoping that at some point my efforts would turn into passion. It never happened.  And instead of having time to do what I loved I was complaining about it.  At the beginning of 2015, three very influential family members passed away in a matter of two months time and all of the sudden the notion of life being far too short to be unhappy became incredibly clear to me. So I stopped complaining and did something about it. I took a huge, unconventional, often unrecommended leap of faith into the path of entrepreneurship. I haven’t looked back since.  This blog documents the good, bad and ugly of that journey and the food that keeps me sane along the way.


Many thanks to everyone who has supported and encouraged me along the way.

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