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Let me tell you something. If you aren’t inspired to make this dish based on the fact that I put out a kicka** recipe that you can use for #SuperBowl and #ValentinesDay then you should try it just because I was able to align to #NationalNutellaDay. Say Whaaaaa!!! Yes today is National Nutella Day. And if that doesn’t inspire you then hell, you should just make this because it’s SO FREAKIN DELICIOUS.

(I flour and brown the short ribs before I throw them in the crockpot)

I first made this recipe back when I was getting my MBA for the University of Michigan Ross School of Business (humble brag). I had the title of Consortium Liason and we would have quarterly family get-togethers where I would cook for the whole crew (40+).  At one of those events I made this recipe for the first time. A lot of my recipes come from a “make something out of nothing” cooking philosophy that I developed growing up. We didn’t have a lot but I knew we didn’t have to look that way or eat that way. My imagination ran the free-est in our pantries and ’til this day, I can find my way around anyone’s kitchen and come up with dishes that they didn’t even know they had the ingredients for.

For as good as this dish tastes, you would think someone shed blood, but it’s actually quite simple. The biggest purchase you need is a crockpot. I will pause for a moment to scold anyone reading this who does not have a crockpot in there life yet. If you are that person, let me tell you something else, you are doing yourself a great disservice. Crockpots are the busy professional’s “Super Man” cape. They make you look like you can do it all and do it well. So go get one!

Ok back to our regularly scheduled programming. I simply mix a simple bbq sauce with Nutella. I normally use the Kraft Original BBQ sauce since it is often inexpensive and also due to the fact I am going to be adding more flavors to it. I don’t want the flavors to get too complicated. I warm those two up together, add in some sliced onions and a couple tablespoons of my favorite hot sauce. I use scorpion hot sauce, it’s a regional hot sauce that is amazing but you can use any hot sauce that you like. I throw my browned short ribs in a crockpot with the sauce and some red wine. I let the pot cook on low for 6 hours. Don’t be alarmed by the time. You don’t have to sit there and watch it. I basically set it and forget it.

But six hours later, I have delicious, juicy, flavorful, fall off the bone short ribs. If you make them for the Super Bowl your guests are going to love you. If you make them for bae, he/she will think twice before leaving you. Just sayin’, they are that good. Enjoy!


(This is what your crockpot looks like after the bones completely give up on life)

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