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How many of you know that the ingredients used to make ice cream are the same ingredients used to make eggnog???


Y’all know I am here for a good shortcut and I couldn’t let the season go by without hooking #TeamGreedy up with good one. That being said, all of us have a carton of ice cream in the fridge which means we have access eggnog in just minutes.

WE CAN NOW remove one item from that extensive grocery list and maybe get out of those holiday grocery lines a little bit quicker. So no more separating eggs and whisking into a custard for me (“from scratch” eggnoggers will know what I’m talking about).

And seriously, how many times have you purchased a bottle of eggnog only to see it still sitting there long after the holidays have come and gone? [HAND RAISED HIGH] At least this way you can make it self serve by the glass with no waste. Instead, we should all be using this holiday shortcut using French vanilla for homemade spiked eggnog which only uses 4 ingredients and is done in 4 minutes. 

And below, because I’m feeling generous, I’m also sharing 3 more recipes using 4 ingredients for a total of 4 WAYS you can doctor up your homemade, no hassle, eggnog. I started each recipe using the French vanilla ice cream base that you see in the video above. So simple, so easy.


Easy Homemade Spiked Eggnog

Easy Iced Eggnog Latte


Easy Peppermint Eggnog


Easy Coconog Shot


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