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So on Saturday I made “Gas House” eggs. You probably call them “Toad in a Whole” or “Eggs in a Blanket” but my Great Grandma Vera Mae called them “Gas House Eggs”. This was the first recipe I ever learned to make. I thought I was soooo fly and the tender age of 5 with my elementary kitchen skills. I jumped at every chance she gave me permission to make them. Even as a child I think understood and valued what it meant to feel in control of creating something out of nothing.

I don’t know if she realized at the time that she was imparting a valuable skill set or empowering me to engage my creativity or instilling in me the importance of food and family. Heck, I don’t think I realized the significance of that moment and how it impacted my life until recently. But from that moment I began developing a love for creating food that started as a hobby but is now a passion that I am proud to say I am operating in.

I say this because I didn’t always embrace the passion. You may have a similar story.  Whether you are going through a challenge and don’t know why or just aren’t sure what your purpose is; know that everything in your life happens for a reason. It may not make sense now, but one day you will be looking back, like me, and realizing it all was apart of a bigger plan. Stay encouraged, its just a matter of time!

I also made a slew of egg recipes for the week that will have you good and ready for your spring brunch schedule. Below are the links all the recipes:

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