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#Jonas2016 got you down?

Still suffering from cabin fever?

Need something warm after digging yourself out the snow?

Or are you just in need of sweets because damn it, its Monday?


I’ll make this short and sweet because this is in direct response to my people from the east coast posting on my facebook feed. All I see # Jonas2016, #JonasBabiesInTheMaking, #Snomageddon2016, #NoGroceries.


I feel you, really I do. But I have to say, you’ve experienced nothing until you live a couple of winters in Minneapolis. For heavens sake, they’ve built a human size hamster tunnel in the city for people to avoid going outside because it’s so cold.

Well regardless of your situation it never hurt anyone to drink a cup of cocoa. I happen to love this recipe because I have found yet another use for Nutella, one of my favorite ingredients, not to mention, the recipe takes only a few minutes to make.


I hate the term “food porn” but when I started pouring the hot chocolate into the cup I thought, “damn that’s a sexy cup of cocoa”.

This recipe isn’t all looks. The Spiced Hazelnut Hot Chocolate is a sure-fire pick me up and slight kick in the butt. Just what the doctor ordered on a Monday. If by chance you choose to make this recipe after office hours you can add some Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur to really get the party started. J


So, how’s your Monday shaping up now? Enjoy and leave a comment!

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