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I’m back friends!!!!! I’m so very sorry for the unexpected hiatus. When we last chatted (2 weeks ago) my computer started acting up so I knew I had to take it to the Apple Store. It was so broken that they had to send it off for repairs leaving me content-less. That’s ok because I used the time wisely to learn more about cool digital marketing tips, local entrepreneurial resources, legal mumbo jumbo and also kicked of the development of a few products I hope to be offering soon on the site. Basically all the things I have been avoiding because blogging is actually very time consuming.


Nevertheless I am happy to be back in the land of the living and happy to pick the back up where we left off. That be said, I last mentioned that I was super excited to have narrowed my content strategy to offer main ingredient focused recipe weeks. And this week I am kicking it all off with our beloved AVOCADO.


I created a table of all my blog recipe categories so that you can follow along. I plan to share the main ingredient and recipe plan in my weekly newsletter.

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