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Starting this challenge, I was super excited because I came to the table with all of the necessary resources (recipes, themes, MyFitnessPal, Daily Burn), but as the challenge went on, I quickly realized that I was not mentally where I needed to be when it came to embracing the workouts. I dragged my feet, but also knew that if I wanted to see results, that I would have to put time in at the gym. This only works if I commit equal parts food and working out. Let me pause here to say that I intend for this to be a LIFESTYLE change, not just a quick fad that’s over in 30 days. Now with that being said, this week I found myself eating outside of the house quite a bit, so I was eating a lot of food that I didn’t have control over in terms of how it was prepared and the ingredients it contained. To hold myself accountable, and for you guys to do the same, I’ve created a “scorecard” to track my progress week to week, which I will update each Sunday on the previous week’s progress.


Meiko’s “GIRGIT” Score Sheet

–        Weekly Updates (2 points)

o   Am I keeping you all, my subscribers, updated twice a week, on Sunday and Wednesday?? – 1 point per update


o   I have committed myself to not drinking for the entire month of April, so I’ll be deducting one point for EVERY drink I consume (yikes!)

–        Work It Out (5+ points total)

o   My goal is to work out 5 times per week – 1 point for every day I work out (double points if I work out twice a day!)

–        Eating in vs. Eating out (21 points)

o   3 points per day for every meal I prepare for myself (breakfast, lunch, dinner). 0 points every time I eat out


Updates1      1
Workout  1 1 13
Meals 13221312


Total Points __16__/28

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