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I’ve had nothing but trouble with my blog this week. The e-store check out was broken, my recipe page plug-in wasn’t functioning, and 60% of my recipes disappeared off the blog. I’m like what the heck??!!!! Finally, after 2 days of trying to figure out what was going on, I gave up and hired someone to fix it. Best $150.00 I’ve paid this week.

But in the midst of the frustration all I wanted was something comforting and delicious at the bottom of my belly. Searching my fridge I had some left over fresh herbs and a 4lb chicken so I decided to make Brick Chicken. I never made one before but it seemed like right thing to do.

The name is not based on some catchy obscure meaning, no in fact, the chicken is literally made by putting a huge brick on top as it cooks. The weight of the brick thrusts the skin of the chicken against the hot pot – pause, Lord this sounds like the beginnings of a raunchy romance novel! [fans face to cool down] As I was saying, the weight of the brick thrusts the skin of the chicken against the sizzling skillet causing the skin to crisp up and turn into a beautiful mahogany brown.

I also made a quick rosemary, garlic and butter marinade that I slathered on the chicken before it made love to the skillet. He he he… ok I’ll stop. The charred skin creates a barrier that locks in the flavor as the chicken cooks its own juices.

Where does one get a brick from you ask? I asked the same question and was pleasantly surprised to find one at my Walmart for only $.40, woop woop. But you can also find them a Home Depot or Lowes. If you aren’t committed to this brick life, no worries, can use a second cast iron on top to achieve the same effect.

Once the skin side reached the desired color, I removed the brick and continued cooking in the oven until the chicken was cooked all the way through. The skin of the rosemary garlic brick chicken comes out so crispy you make a sound by cutting into it and then the juices just start oozing out. I literally forgot all about my blog site troubles while eating this perfection.

This may have been the first time making this recipe but it certainly won’t be the last.

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