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This Whole30 Challenge has really gotten me into a salad mood. I’ve been making salads for breakfast, lunch and dinner #NoFlexZone. This Smoked Salmon Mediterranean Salad is one of my current faves and is layered with bright and crunchy veggies and a delicious creamy green vinaigrette.

As you can see the salad got off to a pretty rough start. I’m not sure what ratchet tv I was watching that distracted me from my duties but I ended up burning the first round of potatoes in the oven. LOL

Potatoes in a salad? Yes indeed. My friend Courtney asked the same question when we shared this dish. But after his first bite his question shifted to why more potatoes aren’t featured in green leaf salads? My sentiments exactly. Needless to say it tastes good, real good.

TIP: Make sure you use fresh green beans and blanch them in salt water. Blanching allows the green beans to remain crisp and maintain the bright color.

This is a salad of the people. The recipe serves as a beautiful side dish when hosting guests but can easily double duty as your own light and healthy meal. Get the recipe and give it a try.
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