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The Difference between Collard, Turnip & Mustard Greens




Collard Greens: Wide leaves and thick stalk with the bitter flavor.

Turnip Greens: Slightly sweeter with tender leaves.

Mustard Greens: Thinner texture, ruffled leaves with peppery taste

Clean Yo Greens

Don’t skip this step. I repeat, don’t skip this step. It is so imperative that you make sure that you are diligent about cleaning your greens. And if you are buying them by the bunch vs the pre-cut bag then I would recommend you clean them 2-3 times.

Simply fill up a clean sink with water, submerge your greens in the water and inspect leaves for dirt and bugs. Repeat. The last thing you want is to have little critters floating around your bowl.

How To Cut Greens

Where’s the Meat

Smoked meats are traditionally used in southern style greens because they assist in cutting the bitterness of the greens while also adding loads of flavor to the braising liquid. You will most commonly see smoked meats like ham hocks, neck bones, turkey legs and wings and sometimes even bacon.

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