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Are you ready for Summer or Nahhhhh? I’m sitting here looking at the rain outside my window and counting down the days:

counting down gif

Summer is my absolute favorite time of the year but it can’t get here fast enough. I just feel like Spring has been moving through like snails and I am ready to live my life. This Spring cabin fever has got to go because I have some big plans this Summer including smashing through watermelon like,

pool-side maxing with my girls looking extra fierce,

while out here drinking cold coca-cola as if it were the fountain of youth,

Hon-eee, I literally cannot wait.

Summer is also entertainment season for me because you know I love having the girls over for a good kiki. Listen, I am going all out for my first Summer shindig and I’ve already got all the plans in place:

  • Amazing refreshments
  • Interactive activities
  • Ice cream galore – Yaaasss bring on the ice cream!!!

I’ve already thought of it all and I’ve even prepared a step-by-step tutorial with my buddies at Family Dollar so that you too can achieve the Ultimate Interactive Refreshments bar. Why should you check out the tutorial? Because it also includes this amazing Turtle Ice Cream Float recipe and

and even a How-To on DIY Kozies. Nuff said.

Check out the tutorial here and also find out more about all their amazing Summer promotions.

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