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I’m feeling like a beast this week, woop woop. I have been going hard and I have the sore muscles to prove it. Things definitely have taken a turn for the best as I felt energized and was super motivated to reach my target five Daily Burn workouts. Not only did I reach the five but I also added in 2 additional ab workouts on top of my full body workouts. Check me out!


What turned things around for me? This is hilarious and somewhat shady but as I entered my caloric intake and exercise into MyFitnessApp I realized that the more calories I burned in my workout, the more calories I could eat. Greedy? Yes I no but that will never change.


Even though I reached my five workouts I believe there’s still room for improvement in the total plan. For example, in the very beginning of my midweek video update I kind of chuckled at the idea of going for a run. After I reviewed the video I asked myself why was that so funny? Why was taking a run such far stretch for me? The weather is warming up, the sun is out, I have all my limbs functioning; I really have no excuse. I realized that I was going about it with the wrong attitude and that if I wanted to continue to see improvement I would need to be more open-minded about exercising. That said, I decided to eat my words and incorporate running into the regime. PROGRESS!

On another note, last week I had a handful of meals out side of my home. I would like to cut that down. Next week I will be trying all Paleo recipes so I think I will be forced to decrease eating out almost completely in order to have total control of what’s going into my food. From what I understand, in the simplest terms, the objective of the Paleo diet is to eat whole unprocessed foods that are more healthful than harmful to our bodies. Below is a quick reference guide of what can and can’t be eaten on the Paleo diet.


Grass-produced meatsCereal Grains
Fish/SeafoodLegumes (including peanuts)
Fresh Fruits & VeggiesDairy
EggsRefined sugar
Nuts and SeedsPotatoes
Oils ( olive, walnut, flaxseed, macadamia, avocado, coconut)Processed foods
 Refined vegetable oils



To hold myself accountable to my challenge objectives, and for you guys to do the same, I’ve created a “scorecard” to track my progress week to week. If I had to give myself a score for this past week, it would be a 25 out of 28. Here’s how I’m scoring myself.


Meiko’s “GIRGIT” Score Sheet

–        Weekly Updates (2 points)

o   Am I keeping you all, my subscribers, updated twice a week, on Wednesday and Sunday?? – 1 point per update


o   I have committed myself to not drinking for the entire month of April, so I’ll be deducting one point for EVERY drink I consume (yikes!)

–        Work It Out (5+ points total)

o   My goal is to work out 5 times per week – 1 point for every day I work out (double points if I work out twice a day!)

–        Eating in vs. Eating out (21 points)

o   3 points per day for every meal I prepare for myself (breakfast, lunch, dinner). 0 points every time I eat out


Updates1  1    
Workout 12 121 


Total Points __25__/28


I am in week 2 of 4. If you would like to join in here are links to the tools I am using:

Daily Burn App TABATA program (tactical body weight training) which is a high intensity workout that incorporates mobility drills and yoga.

Daily Burn offers a Free 30 Day Trial 


My FitnessPal App which allows you to input each of your meals and workouts to estimate your daily calorie count.

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