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At various times over the course of the last few weeks, multiple friends have reached out to me regarding trying this Whole30 challenge. What is Whole30 you ask? Well I asked myself that too and upon a google search found this sound bite that I think is most appropriate from thekitchn:

It takes 30 days to push the reset button on your health and change your relationship with food. This is the concept behind Melissa and Dallas Hartwig’sWhole30 program. By eating non-processed whole foods and ditching grains, dairy, and sugar, you will reduce inflammation in your system, clear up your skin, and revitalize your energy stores. These are just a few of the benefits this program boasts.

At first I was like “hell-to-the-nah” I’m not doing this. Especially my one week trying the paleo diet felt like death. How could I even think of doing a more extreme version for 30 days? But I have never shied away from something that resulted in a healthier me on the other end of the finish line, so after more thought, I agreed to jump in.

I decided to start on June 2nd since on June 1st I still had pizza in my fridge and God forbid that go to waste. I have done pretty well so far but most recently started craving grains. The other day I wanted oatmeal for breakfast soooo bad and me and oatmeal don’t even really get down like that.

Needless to say, I figured out how to get my oatmeal fix by making this No’atmeal with Berries. I essentially used my stuffing recipe from my apple cinnamon stuffed chicken developed during paleo week and made a few tweaks. The No’atmeal is quite delicious and achieves the same texture and consistency of traditional oatmeal. I was very impressed with myself after coming up with this recipe on the first try. My only recommendation for those who are just doing paleo or no diet at all, is to add some honey or brown sugar to sweeten up the pot. But for all of us Whole30’ers, this is a pleasant treat that offers no regrets. Enjoy!

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